How to Lock Facebook Profile (in Mobile & PC)? (Follow this Process)

Regarding the user privacy concern, Locking Facebook Profile is a new feature added by Facebook. So, if you don’t want to show your data who is not in your friend list or any information related to your photos, status, or posts then this might be a very useful option for you. As the user demanding more about online security that’s why three years ago Facebook introduce the profile picture guard feature and now release a better version of its which we called Facebook profile lock. So, in this article, we will see How to Lock Facebook Profiles from both mobile & PC. Plus, we also look at what effect it makes with your account after locking any Facebook profile.

There are many other Facebook privacy features that can hide your data manually like visible your information with the public or friends or limiting your selected activity with a selected group of friends. But this Lock Facebook Profile feature can hide all the information about your profile instantly in some clicks. And it doesn’t display any post of yours to other users and appears only with selected ones. Although your Facebook profile will visible to everyone. But they only able to see the profile name and they can’t zoom your profile pic and even they can’t find out the about section of yours. This is acceptable so don’t worry about it.

How to Lock Facebook Profile through Mobile (Android or iOS)?

This feature is specially designed for the Indian community. Because India is a traditional country and people got more aware of their privacy and mostly girls use this feature to save their profile from Unknown-friends account. And the maximum number of people using Facebook through their android & iOS mobile app. So, let’s start with the guide How to Lock Facebook Profile In Mobile devices.

  • So, log in to your Facebook account by using the mobile app on any platform because the FB app works the same in Android & iOS.
  • Then just beside the notification click on the three-dot icon.
  • It will take you to the menu page from there click on your profile name.
  • As you click on your profile dashboard will open from here just tap on three-dot again.
  • The entire profile setting will open from here so just click on the Lock Profile option.
  • So, the Lock your profile page will open to make your photos and posts more private you can read also about how Facebook locking will work like a non-friend can see only 5 information about you.
  • Finally, click the blue button located at the bottom where written Lock Your Profile.
  • If any information askes just put it and you will successfully lock your FB profile.
  • You can also lock it by Fb setting, for that just visit Setting >> Under Privacy >> Profile Locking That’s it.


How to Lock Facebook Profile in PC (Windows, Macbook, or Linux)?

Locking a Facebook profile from pc is as easier on mobile. It added the extra layer of security within a few seconds. And as you enable it, a locking symbol added with your profile picture means the user can understand you are now more secure and he/she not able to see your profile until you can’t accept their friend request. So, let’s begin FB profile lock with the help of Desktop.

  • First, access your Facebook account from any browser and make a login through your Fb ID and password.
  • Then click on your profile picture icon from the FB Top blue bar.
  • Now, look at your browser search bar the URL seems like ”…
  • So just www. before the URL and write the URL like… and hit enter button.
  • It will open Facebook in a mobile format which is the easiest way to lock your profile from Facebook now.
  • Now click on the three-dot icon from the tap right-side and then open the setting page.
  • Here you will see the Profile locking option is available under the privacy section.
  • So just click on it then follow the small instruction and your profile become locked and visible only for whoever you want.



I would suggest you use Facebook mobile app for locking your profile instead of the Fb web version because mobile apps are more convenient to use. Although the desktop method is also much flexible. But you need to put some effort into changing the URL address first so it takes your little bit of time. And don’t worry both methods are working fine so use as you want.

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