How To Delete All Facebook Posts At Once?

Sometimes it’s required to delete all the Facebook posts at once because we want to clear our account with unwanted data and don’t want to disable the account. When we look back to our oldest post like before 2-3 years, we found it seems like how I can post this type of stuff means it’s embarrassed us, and we thought we found all have a very childish mind at that time. And we frequently upload images and videos to get more likes, also we publish any text post about what we are feeling and start liking or commenting on anyone’s post. Although deleting each & every comment or remove our likes are not possible on Facebook. There is only a way which we can perform it is a manual deletion or we have to delete our account permanently then our comment will remove automatically. You may also like to know how to delete a Facebook account?

But it not happens with your published content in your Facebook timeline. You can still delete your published FB content in bulk or Delete All the Facebook Posts at Once. As the new updates come managing the Facebook account is got more, easier. Like now you can lock your Facebook profile or shows your published post only with your friends or persons whom you selected. And you can adjust all these settings in a single dashboard with some quick click. So, no need to worry there are many ways by which you can delete your Facebook posts instantly with some click. But here we are mentioning the best two methods of How to Delete All Facebook Posts at Once. Before deleting any post, You can use fbdown to download your Facebook videos on any device.

How To Delete All Facebook Posts At Once?

Deleting the Facebook post is not the only solution that you can apply to change your activity log. But now there is various other option available in Facebook by which you can hide your FB activity with limited people by making your post private or you can take action of Limit Past Post. By applying this option your future post will be available for only those whom you selected. So let’s start the guide about How To Delete All Facebook Posts At Once.


Method 1: To delete multiple post in Facebook ( Official Way )

  • First open the Facebook app from any mobile devices ( Android, iPhone, or tablets )
  • Now click on the three-dot option and visit your profile section.
  • Then scroll a little bit below and found the option of Manage Posts located just above your posts.
  • Now select any of your old posts which you want to delete or you can filter it by date and privacy to find old posts easily ( For that just click on the three-dot icon from the top ).
  • As you selected the desirable post just click on the Next button from the bottom.
  • And finally, click on the delete button to remove your post from your Facebook timeline permanently.


Method 2: To delete bulk Facebook posts at once ( Official Way )

  • For that also open the Facebook app from your mobile devices.
  • And visit your profile section by clicking on your profile icon.
  • Under your profile setting page, you will find an option of Activity Log appears with a three-dot icon just click over it. Or if you didn’t find it you can search about it as “my activity” in the search bar.
  • Now from the top visit the Manage Activity section and click on your post option.
  • It will take you to the next screen where you’ll see all of your oldest Facebook posts, your updated status, picture, and other FB activity.
  • Now mark any of your posts which you want to remove and click on Recycle Bin a window will popups and asking about confirming the process.
  • So finally click on move to recycle bin and you are done. Now the post is no longer available to show anyone in your FB timeline.



So, these are the quickest and easy ways to delete Facebook posts permanently from your FB account. Although both methods take only a few seconds to remove your multiple Facebook uploads. But I would still suggest you until it doesn’t necessarily don’t take to a step to delete your FB post because there is no way to recover it again. Despite now Facebook is offering good recovering your data privacy and you can download all your FB data before deleting your FB post & account but that might not be sufficient if any of your important statuses missed out. So, just avoid it but if you finally decide to delete Fb posts then both above methods help you to delete multiple posts at once with some simple clicks. So choose them according to your convenience it takes your few seconds and work seamlessly on all mobile platforms.

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