How to Create Facebook Page? (Easy Way to Start Business Page)

Facebook pages are a very great opportunity to take our business to the next level. In this online world, everyone knows about Facebook, people are making their Facebook profiles and start communicating with friends but they didn’t aware of How to Create Facebook Page and connect with an unlimited audience. The Facebook page helps to scale your business. If you want to increase your brand value then you must need to try it, through FB pages your product reaches out to more people. You may like to read Facebook tips and tricks for ease.

Another latest advantage of using Facebook pages is you can earn money throughout it. Like if you’re a content creator either it’s in website form or in a video then by uploading it into the Facebook pages you can make money. Although there are some criteria that you need to fulfill first before applying for a Facebook advertisement. You may like to read the best Facebook tips and tricks.

If you have doubts like the Facebook page really helps you or not to grow your business, then I inform you there are 2.6 billion monthly active users around the world, and it’s the largest social media platform announced globally. So, you can assume the popularity of this application. And if you want to grow your business faster, then you utilize promotions also by spending a little bit amount.

How to Create Facebook Page?

Often creating a Facebook page for your brand & business is the simplest task I would see. Because no need to require any technical knowledge for it, just keep ready a good page name related to your service, and choose a category of your page this both are mandatory fields, and lastly, add a short description about your page that’s it. Afterward setting up a new page you can add other info later like adding a Page profile photo or putting more info. So, if you are ready with all these things, you’re able to create a Facebook page without any charges. So let’s start the main steps of creating a FB page.

  • First, if you have a personal FB account just make a login through the official Facebook site –
  • So if you’re in the desktop version just click on Create option located at the top of the FB homepage then select the page option or directly open this LINK-
  • It will give you two options First one is for ” Business or Brand ” and the second one is for ” Community or Public Figure “. So, if you were looking for for-profit businesses then I will suggest you go with ” Business or Brand ” then click on the “ Get Started ” button.
  • So as it’s a business page so you need to fill in your business information like any page name related to your actual business name.
  • Then you have to select your business category according to what type of service you’re offering.
  • Like if your business is related to gadgets then you need to type technology and it popups other categories as well. So, choose which fits perfectly on your product.

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Further Processes after Creating a Facebook Page

The above details are mandatory which you just have to enter for creating a Facebook page. But after creating a page there is some more information require which you need to provide to Facebook because that helps to make your page more appealing and reach out to more people.


Upload Quality Profile & Cover Photo:

Now you successfully created a page next you have to upload a good quality business page profile & cover picture. Often people use their business or brand logo to easily attract customers. But be sure never to upload mislead or blurry images. You can use Canva to give a better effect to your images.


Invite Friends to like you page:

And most important how you get initial likes to make your page bigger for that we can invite members to like our page by using our existing friend list. So on your page, as you click on three dots there is an option available for inviting friends.


Add useful information:

To get more potential customers just complete your page profile by going under the about section, there is some essential details are required like you can add a mobile number, email ID, your location, and your website.


Add Page Button:

Lastly, you can add a page button also by which people can directly message you, call you, or use email to start a chat.

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