Top 5 Best Facebook Alternative (Social Networking Website) in 2021

If you want to explore more your social media experience then Facebook is not the only option to communicate with friends online. So, in this article, we will discuss the best Facebook alternatives which offer a variety of features as compared to Facebook. There might be other reasons to moving towards a different platform like every application have some pros & cons which changes the user mind. And when we talk about Facebook it has a massive fanbase like 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide. Unfortunately, some of them are using fake profiles and they create trouble for others. That’s why people also want to move to different social sites.

There are plenty of websites, that offer similar features like Facebook to joining with more audiences. like commonly you know about Twitter, Instagram, quora & Reddit. But there are hundreds of underrated websites available on google which is a much better option in terms of services they offer. Facebook is an addictive social site and if you want to leave your addiction for some time Then you must try the below alternatives of Facebook. So, let’s start the review guide.

You are reading this means you are going to leave Facebook. Well, Then you may need to use a Facebook video downloader to download your content and use them anywhere you want. 🙂 And also read here how to delete your Facebook account permanently.


List of Best Facebook Alternatives

#1. MeVe

MeVe claims they providing a ‘next-gen social network’. The interface is pretty much similar to Facebook. The interface of MeVe also replicates Facebook especially the blue color lookout. And the best part of the MeVe user experience is they don’t offer any ad placement in between the content. So, we are free from skipping advertisements all the time. Regarding privacy, MeVe claims that they never use user data or share personal information with third-party companies.

Although the content moderation policy has faced some issues in MeVe. But don’t worry when you start using MeVe it’s become your primary social media app. There are 2.8 million active users of MeVe and the app is easily accessible from any platform like Android, iOS, Web Client, Windows, or Mac.


#2. Minds

Minds is an open-source ‘Crypto based Social Network‘ Which offers a privacy-oriented feature. Like Bitcoin & Ethereumis in trend now and this platform offers a reward to their content creators in the form of Ethereum-based tokens to run a digital economy worldwide. The minds are developed in 2015 and now it becomes a good competitor of Facebook with 1.25+ million user account.

Although like other social networking platforms you can perform operations like creating groups, sending messages to anyone, publishing a post, commenting on friend’s content and scrolling news feeds to get the latest relevant news according to your friend group. The only thing which makes it different from others is the Ethereum-based token reward, so if you love it just enrol it with an account.


#3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms if we compare it with social media sites. Generally, people used it for professional use it’s a very neat & clean user interface. Most people use Linkedin for hiring good employees and searching for jobs that help to grow their businesses. So, if you are looking for online works or Work from home type of vacancies then you must try this beautiful website LinkedIn.

And if you are familiar with the Facebook interface then you never face any difficulty to operate LinkedIn because the over design layout is almost similar to Facebook. Most important LinkedIn updates you from the latest industrial and business news.


#4. Sociall

Sociall provides you with a very promising privacy-focused user experience. It has all of the basic features which we get on FB like creating a post, making groups, following others, and making our own content. The social has robust privacy features which help you to secure your data from anonymous attackers and provides top-notch security.

Even it restricts to indexing your pages on search result so people can never find you information by searching your name. Sociall is a decentralized platform, and they are working on implementing blockchain technology


#5. Diaspora

Diaspora is a very old platform started their business in 2010. The Diaspora is an open-source type of application that is available for every user. It is a decentralized social network and offers its services free of cost it’s a non-profit organization. And as it’s decentralized so no one own the Diaspora

You can make your own account and start chatting with friends by scrolling news feeds which are the same as Facebook. But you need to aware of your content because it’s an open-source platform so only you guys are responsible for your personal data.

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