How to Delete Facebook account permanently? (Step By Step)

Deleting a Facebook account is not a good discussion I would say, but if you’re facing some trouble with your FB account then this action will take you out from each problem. Rather than deleting your FB account permanently, there is another option provided by Facebook is you can deactivate your account for some time. The difference between both of them is if you deactivate you can get back your account anytime you want. But if you delete there is no chance to recover it again then you only start with a new FB account. So, if you finally decide to delete the Facebook account then it’s a relatively easy process. It just takes a few seconds and can delete your account after that it’s not showing on any FB search results and no one can access your FB profile.

Although when you delete an account facebook takes 90 days to permanently remove your data from some search engines. But don’t worry your account will remove instantly as you click delete. It’s just FBs working procedure because sometimes any important data need to recover so FB takes it like a backup for 3month. And if you want to take a backup of your data before deleting an account, so you can do it by just visiting in “Settings & Privacy” section later we discuss in the article. So, let’s start the guide about How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

  • So first make a login through your Facebook account from any browser you want.
  • You can use the mobile app also by just following the below settings.
  • After login, click on the upside-down triangle arrow icon from the top-right side of the page.
  • Now go to in setting page by clicking the ” Settings & Privacy ” option.
  • Then from the left pane choose the third option which is ” Your Facebook information “.
  • Here the last option is for ” Deactivation and deletion ” of your Facebook account.
  • So select it if you want to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account.
  • It will provide you two options so click on the second one ” Permanently delete account ” and hit the button ” Continue to Account Deletion “.

After that, a screen will prompt, and Facebook informs you about downloading your Facebook data before deleting an account or choose to deactivate option. And one more thing after deleting the account you even can’t access Facebook messenger. So, think about it and then go for a further process.

  • And finally when you click on Delete account. It will ask you to enter your password to confirm the procedure.
  • As you click continue Facebook will remove everything related to your account Like your post, photos, status, and friends.


How to Download Your Facebook Data Before Deleting Your Account?

I would say, this one is the best option given by the Facebook developers team. Because if we RUN a Facebook account for a long time then we store lots of memory with friends and add many important data in our account which people don’t want to lose. That’s why FB provides this essential feature to its users.

  • So to download your data just make a sign-in through your Fb account.
  • And repeat the same steps as above click the arrow icon and visit the “ Settings & Privacy ”  page by clicking > ” Settings ” > ” Your Facebook Information “
  • Then visit the ” Your Facebook information ” option and here you see the third option ” Download Your Information ” Just click over it. ( It will also show you how many posts and pages you have uploaded to your account ).
  • And it will download all the necessary files it’s also able to transfer your data to another service. For that just follow the instructions provided by Facebook.



So that’s it all about How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently? Facebook provides us with too many features and freedom to do whatever we want to do with our accounts. But some unwanted users start spamming in your account that’s why people take a decision to account deletion. But this is not the last option there are many features which you can use if someone crating a problem with your social media account like you can block them or mute their post and the most effective is to deactivate your account for a certain period. This one is also the best choice to avoid problematic situations.

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